Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I've Been Up to...

 A little scarf making with some fun yarn.
A little Valentine wreath making at Happy Hour.
Mindy's wreath---all hung up! 
And a lot of snow shoveling!!! We had our big snow last week. Boy, am I tired.

And now you're a little caught up.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

You're Never Too Old to Try New Things

You just have to be prepared to fail---and then acknowledge you just might be too old---or too chubby!

In our quest for good health and physicality, the whole family is trying new things. For me, I've been limited to the treadmill---at least until it's warm enough to get in the pool. I do not belong, nor do I plan to join the "polar club." Instead, as I was looking for something new to try, I decided on yoga. I have never done yoga in a formal way. Years ago, I had a personal trainer who did a few yoga things with me. My opinion of it then was that it was too slow. I'm a busy gal---let's get on with it. Now, I was ready to try something that might be more calming.

I got a beginner's yoga dvd for my birthday (thank you Mindy and Justin). I tried it out today. OMGosh!! I was lost from the get go. It seemed like it was moving way too fast. This is what I heard: mountain pose, stretch your arms over your head---this is when I just about lost consciousness as the pain shot through my right shoulder. I just told Karolyn this week, that I no longer had shoulder problems. Little did I know...

Next we were on to "downward dog." Well, given my immobile papa toes, I could not do this one either---the pain made me realize that my decision to have the surgery is right.

We moved on to something called "the child pose." I don't even know what that was. I gave up about then. I cannot put my feet together while laying down---my thighs prevent it! I'm starting to realize that yoga is not for chubby girls. I spent the rest of the time just doing an assortment of stretching exercises. Now that was relaxing and felt good. I'll probably be sore tomorrow. Oh well...soreness like that is the good kind of pain.

At least that's what I'll tell myself.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Roommate Surprise!

Morgan left for Murfreesboro last week to get moved in to her new apartment before starting school this week. It's a two bedroom apartment. She had not met nor spoken to her roommate. She thought that seemed a little strange.

When she arrived, she went to the office and picked up her key. She got to the apartment to find an older woman with a baby!! Apparently, her roommate had a baby and her mother was living there to help. What??? No way!! Morgan said the place was a mess too.

What college kid wants to share an apartment with a baby? Not exactly the college experience. She went back to the office and was assigned another apartment.

Here's hoping she has a great semester!
I still can't believe this little sweetheart is in college now.
It's gone by way too fast!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

She's All Grown Up...

and has become a cooking fool!! These are just a couple of recent dishes she's made:
 This is a broccoli and fettuccine dish. She is not afraid to try new recipes.
This is a sausage and pinto beans dish. Another new recipe that she made for New Year's Day. For all her cooking, she has yet to cook for us. She has a few quirks. She won't cook anything (or eat for that matter) containing mayonnaise. She doesn't believe in mixing meats---like---don't wrap her filet with bacon. Or, don't even think about putting bacon on her cheeseburger. She doesn't like shrimp, but yet she "sucks" the heads of crawfish---learned that from her many crawfish boils while living in New Orleans for 7 years. Really, it sounds like she's picky, but she's not. She's just purposeful about what she eats.

And just when I think she really is grown up---after all---she just turned 30---there's this:
A little Katy Perry action. Mindy will use any excuse to don some sort of unusual head wear. This little number is the result of a recent trip to New Orleans during Mardi Gras for her friend's 30th birthday.
Here's her friend, Rachel---the 30 year old birthday girl playing Cher! You can get by with just about anything in New Orleans. Really---anything---except public urination. They do frown on that!!
Mindy and Rachel turned their friend, Jeff in to Boy George. Obviously they all know how to have a good time. I think Mindy has the best of both worlds---acting the responsible adult with her career and at home cooking---but still being able to party like it's 1983!! Way to go Mind!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Few More Organizational Tips

We haven't run out of month yet, so here are a few "fun" things you can do to get organized. I say "fun" because they are easy and won't take long. You'll feel so on top of things when you do just these little things.

Problem #1---How to handle all the cords and chargers that all of our electronics come with?
Computers, iPods, iPads, phones, electronic readers, Fit Bit, cameras---everything comes with assorted cords, connectors and chargers.
I've found that labeled ziplock bags keeps everything together for each device---even if you have more than one of each in the family. In that case, I just put all like things in the same ziplock.
I even label the individual cords with the owner's name. All it takes is a black Sharpie. This is a far cry better than having tons of cords in a drawer and not knowing what they all go to. When you first do it, you will take a little time figuring all the cords out, but after you do, you'll love it!

Problem #2---What to do with all the different medications when you don't have a medicine cabinet?
We do not have any medicine cabinets in this house. If I did, it would be easy---a shelf for each type of problem. We do not have small children around any more, so simply putting the meds in zip locks by type and storing under the vanity works perfect for us. It's so much easier to grab a bag with your ailment rather than sorting through all of it. As you can see, the "cough, cold & flu" bag is overflowing---just because we were both sick recently. I'll sort through it and toss the prescriptions or anything that has expired so that I can close it again.

Ziplock bags are probably my favorite organizational tools. They just really help to keep everything neat and contained.

Problem #3---How to keep up with all your usernames and passwords?
I cannot claim this tip as my own. Actually, I just read about it on Susan Branch's blog. I thought it was such a good idea that I did it myself.
Use that old address/phone book that you have gathering dust!! This one is about 30 years old. I've had it in the kitchen drawer forever. Even though I never use it, I just couldn't get rid of it. The print is by Nicole Miller and I've always loved her. Now the easiest way to keep up with your usernames and passwords is to use the same ones for everything. I try to do that, but it's not always possible. It seems like there are different requirements for just about everything. Some require a capital letter,  a number, a character, a lowercase letter---all while standing on one foot and patting your head. It's impossible to remember them all. Filing them in an old address book is the perfect solution. Yes, I do have a document on my computer too. I just really like the idea of re-purposing the old address book.

Lastly, this doesn't really fall under organizational---but more in trying to get things back in proper order after our remodel. We had a new audio/visual system installed throughout the house. They left this in the garage. Oh, no, this will never fly with me!
In all fairness, the owner of the company said it was an oversight. They are coming back this week to take care of it.

Do you have any special organizational tips to share?

A Recipe Share

I found this recipe on Six Sisters---one of my favorite recipe blogs. I thought it was pretty good, but decided I didn't like it any better than what I made up myself. Put a pork tenderloin in a crock pot and top with a package of dry onion soup mix. Cook on low about 6 or 7 hours---until shreddable. Shred the meat and add a bottle of barbecue sauce (KC Masterpiece is my favorite).

Here's the new recipe. Mindy thought it was fabulous, so that's why I'm posting it.
Slow Cooker Balsamic Pork Roast
2 lbs. pork roast
1 cup chicken broth
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2 T. worcestershire sauce
1 T. soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 t. red pepper flakes
2 t. minced garlic

1. Spray crock pot with nonstick cooking spray (I like to just use a liner). Put roast inside.
2. Mix ingredients and pour over roast.
3. Cook for 4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low.

Tomorrow, another organizing tip.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting Organized

I know a thing or two about organization. That's what I do. I've worked with countless people through the years---whether it be for business, volunteer endeavors or with family and friends. 

Now is the time of year that everyone wants to get organized. Many people make it one of their New Year's resolutions. But, I'm troubled. There are so many people out there touting how to organize this and organize that. Many are giving bad advice (in my opinion). I know for a fact that in order to help someone tackle an organization task, you have to make it easy to do. What I am seeing are approaches that make it so overwhelming that most people wind up with a bigger mess than when they started. Truly, I know some ways to organize just about anything simply and quickly. 

What I see the most is the recommendation that you clear everything out of the closet, drawer, cabinet or under the counters of what you plan to organize. I'm telling you, THIS IS NOT THE WAY!!! How many times have you done this only to be surrounded with so much stuff that it's almost impossible to move or figure out what to do next?

A. Start with 3 boxes or bags---you can label them if you choose:
    1. Trash
    2. Give Away
    3. Belongs somewhere else

B. Handle each thing as you take it out of the closet or drawer and make a decision.
    1. Is it going back in said closet or drawer (if so, set it off to the side)
    2. Or place it in one of the boxes. Once a box is full, move it out of the room and put it where it needs to go---trash or car for give away. Put the box of things going somewhere else aside.
    3. Now you are left with only the things you are putting back. 

Now doesn't that seem easier than taking everything out and trying to figure out what to do?

Try it. It works. You'll be surprised at how much faster this approach is. Trust me! This is how I roll!

PS If you need some specific help, just contact me.